Business Printing facts and options


At Guerrilla Graphix we have the ability to print on various substrate materials such as paper, canvas, vinyl, foamcore, coroplast, lucite.
We have the ability to print any size up to 48" inches wide, in large format and 19"in small format.



If you are supplying us with your own files to print from we recommend having your files in these formats and specs to ensure the best printing results, either pixel format in.Jpg .Psd .Png .Tiff (300dpi at the size printed) or in vector format in.Ai .Svg .Eps .Pdf. If you have another format not listed , custom created designs or hand drawn artwork please submit your files for review.

If you're submitting your own designs please have them formatted for CMYK and not RGB at roughly the size you would like them to be printed at for the best end results