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GuerrillaGraphix - La Plantes - Wesst

Guerrilla Graphix & WESST

"Launching local businesses from the ground up"

January 2015, I became an officially retired federal employee and found myself trying to decide what I wanted to do when I grew up. I took a variety of classes at CNM-Montoya Campus and although they were fun and interesting, I just wasn’t feeling it. I began tossing around various ideas for a business in my head and started searching for ways to make my idea happen. Seemingly by accident, I came across the Women's Economic Self-Sufficiency Team or WESST and immediately got connected with Clint Reecer, Regional Manager, Albuquerque who became my business mentor. Together he and I set out to create my business - which in nine short months, I am proud to say, was officially launched on October 14, 2017.

La Plante’s Soft Drink Specialists, LLC was born and right off the bat seems to be thriving. My concept of researching, evaluating, and curating top quality ingredient, naturally sweetened, hand-crafted root beer and vintage-style soda was apparently a good one, but my company is not off to a great start just because I had a good idea. My immediate success is more importantly due to the fact I was able and willing to throw out the really bad ones. Because I was serendipitously connected to others who were willing and able to expertly guide me, I am now feeling quite confident that together we got it right. Let me explain: My original idea was to create a brick and mortar store off Old Route 66 using an old-timey Route 66 theme. After much research regarding feasibility of this concept, I made what Clint always refers to as a “pivot”. I decided that no space in the Edgewood/Moriarty communities would suit my needs, so I said why not go mobile? Today I sell my craft soft drinks and gourmet popcorn from the “Joy-mobile” a Ford Transit Connect truck at local events and love every minute of it!

Again, I didn’t get where I am today on my own. Early in my journey, I decided I needed to talk with someone about branding and advertising. I'd seen a KUNM anniversary T-shirt and loved the design and colors. So, I called KUNM and was told the shirt was designed by Guerrilla Graphix and that I should connect with them. I phoned and spoke with Justin Moulton. I went to see Justin the next day. As soon as my concept started to emerge from my mouth, Justin did not hesitate to redirect me from the ubiquitous Route 66 theme and color scheme into exploring other options. I was impressed that this guy was willing to question my ideas and help me to see how I might be more successful going in a completely different direction.

We began exploring other themes as Justin became interested in my last name...
La Plante. I explained to him the origin, which in French basically means people who plant things. He became fascinated with my family history. He suggested I use my last name for the company title and we went from there. I'll be honest, it felt weird and uncomfortable seeing my name emerge as the highlight of a whole branding package. I showed it to my other mentors and they got it right away. It seemed I was the only one hesitating.

Now I see his beautiful work on my website and on the panels of my truck and just smile. Moving forward I hope to expand into wholesale/reselling and catering to businesses wanting to offer employee or customer appreciation events. A hand-crafted soda and gourmet popcorn at a Monday morning meeting sounds so much better than an old stale bagel or doughnut wouldn’t you say?

In conclusion, I have learned with the help of both Clint Reecer and Justin Moulton that no matter how good an idea is…we all need professional help and occasionally must rely on the expertise of others. I would not hesitate to recommend WESST and Guerilla Graphix for any aspiring entrepreneur and I am very grateful I found them!

La Plante's Soft Drinks will be selling live at the following locations for the month of December, be sure to check out the awesome selection of tasty organic root-beers and snacks!!

Friday, December 1, 2017 Bernco United Way Holiday Mercado at BernCo Annex, 415 Tijeras NW from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Saturday, December 2, Edgewood Winter Arts Festival, in the Edgewood Elementary School located at 171 NM-344, Edgewood, NM 87015 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Thursday, December 7, Sportsman's Warehouse Holiday Stroll located at 1450 Renaissance Boulevard NE, Albuquerque, NM from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Friday, December 8, US Bank Customer Appreciation day located at 1401 US Highway 66, Moriarty Branch from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Saturday, December 9, Winter Wonderland Highland High School craft fair located at 8100 Wyoming Blvd NE from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Thursday, December 14, WESST holiday shopping opportunity located at WESST Enterprise Center, 609 Broadway Blvd. NE from 12 p.m. - 2 p.m.
Saturday, December 16, St. Pius Christmas Craft Show located at 8100 Wyoming Blvd NE from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Kathy La Plante Says-

never try to go at it alone!

Full branding design, website design, vehicle wrap graphics and install by


Jon Pearson, one of guerrilla graphix's screen printers and local artist is currently having an art show December 1st, 6-10pm @ Orpheum (2nd and Coal SE -Albuquerque NM ) please stop by, check it out and of course support local artists!!

Jon Pearson Presents - A multi media experience "Dream Chatter" (an echo chamber)


"Dream Chatter"

"Dream Chatter"

Dream Chatter installation

Dream Chatter installation

Dream Chatter Installation

Dream Chatter Installation

Jon Pearson - Internal spaces time lapse painting

If you would like to see more of Jons artwork you can follow him at the links below

Rights of Passage - Fundraiser for El Centro


Rights of Passage - Fundraiser for El Centro

Rights of Passage - Fundraiser for El Centro


A fundraising celebration to make millions and show support to El CENTRO de Igualdad y Derechos for the faith, fight and the ongoing effort in defending our neighbors, our friends and our community. El CENTRO is a grassroots, immigrants’ rights and workers’ justice organization based in Central New Mexico that works with Latino immigrant communities and allies to defend, strengthen, and advance the rights of our community. ALLL-ready!
This will be an afternoon-long event, with collaborative workshops and performances throughout the afternoon:
Collaborative Workshops from 12-2pm
Variety show from 2-6:30pm filled with fantastical local celebrities such as Sina Soul Queen & The Sound, Blesinfinite, Dre Z, VettaLuv, Wae Fonkey, Circulo Solaris, Capoeira Girassol, Ashley "Saywut" Moyer, Zack Freeman and Robb Janov!

Una celebración de recaudación de fondos para ganar millones y mostrar apoyo a El CENTRO de Igualdad y Derechos por la fe, la lucha y el esfuerzo constante en la defensa de nuestros vecinos, nuestros amigos y nuestra comunidad. El CENTRO es una organización de base, de derechos de los inmigrantes y de justicia de los trabajadores, ubicada en el Área Central de Nuevo México, la cual trabaja con comunidades inmigrantes Latinas y aliados para defender, fortalecer y avanzar los derechos de la comunidad. ¡Listos!
Este será un evento por toda la tarde, con talleres de colaboración y presentaciones artísticas:
Talleres colaborativos de 12 a 2 hs.
Show de variedades de 2 a 6:30 p.m lleno de celebridades locales como Sina Soul Queen y The Sound, Blesinfinite, Dre Z, VettaLuv, Wae Fonkey, Circulo Solaris, Capoeira GIrassol, Ashley "Saywut" Moyer, Zack Freeman y Robb Janov!

Entrada $10-20 (sliding scale!)
Senior 65+ and kids under 10 get in FREE!!! 

Guerrilla Graphix is proud to support the Rights of Passage fundraiser for El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos, If you'd like more info to know how to get involved or support feel free to contact us at the basecamp office!



Happy Halloween BURQUE!!

Happy Halloween BURQUE!!


We just wanted to take a moment to thanks all the of the great customer, client and community support for our continued success!! We've had a great, albeit very hectic year so far and have started to expand our outreach and services due to that success.

We have many things in the works at the moment getting ready for 2018 and beyond.


" keep it strange out there "



Here at Guerrilla Graphix we love the opportunity to partner up with local business to show support for a great cause, we have worked closely with Brittny on projects previously but this one was special so we thought we could help raise awareness to her cause thru our social media outreach. If you'd like to show your support for Elijah check the link below!!



Hello everybody,  My name is Brittny and my little brother is diagnosed with a disease called Duchennes which is a form of muscular dystrophy. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a genetic mutation of a gene that causes all of your muscles to eventually stop working. Our whole body is made up of muscles, we need them to walk, to talk, to eat, and to breathe. My little brother is 15 years old and by this age it was expected that he'd be in a wheelchair by now  but he is beating the odds! He is still walking on his own with the help of leg braces. He gets tired fairly quickly and his muscles ache constantly. All things considered, he's doing well and we're so grateful! The Muscular Dystrophy Association does so much for us, they take care of medical expenses, like his leg braces, they are constantly researching ways to improve the lives of people with MD, and they put on a camp every year for the kids! This all would not be possible without donations.



Every year there is a Muscle Walk held to raise money for MDA and we have a team called Team Elijah. Team Elijah will be raising money up until the end of October and we are working hard to reach our goal this year. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!

Jade Oracle deck.

Jade Oracle deck.

One of Guerrilla Graphix's co-founders and graphic designers Ramona Teo has an amazing project in the works called the "Jade Oracle Deck" !! While her and her talents are sadly missed se at GG we love to see our friends and coworkers move on to other projects, if you're not familiar please check out some of her amazing design and illustration work in the Jade Oracle Deck.

"The Jade Oracle Deck"

"What is an oracle deck?" you may be wondering. Like tarot cards, an oracle deck is essentially a spiritual tool used for divination and introspection. The difference is it is not structured by traditional tarot suits and hierarchies. Instead, these cards are an assortment of archetypal symbols and deities from Ancient Mexico. There are 52 beautifully illustrated cards accompanied by a booklet that guides you through understanding the mythology and interpretations of the cards.


"The Jade Oracle" is a three-woman collaboration -- Anne Key, Veronica Iglesias and Ramona Teo. Anne is a priestess, a scholar, an author, and a dancer. Veronica is a healer from Mexico City, a Keeper of the Ancient Knowledge, a historian, and a spiritual guide. Ramona is a visionary artist, graphic designer, co-counder of Guerrilla Graphix, and the illustrator of the deck.

Veronica Iglesias - Anne Key -  Ramona Teo

The Jade Oracle Deck - Kickstarter Fund

We have decided that the best way to bring these cards into being is to "crowdfund" the money we need for production. We are running a Kickstarter Campaign for The Jade Oracle!

Kickstarter, like other crowdfunding platforms, is a way for artists, inventors & entrepreneurs to raise money needed to manifest their projects. Thousands of amazing creative ideas have been made real through crowdfunding. How it works is simple.  Supporters donate money toward the campaign on the Kickstarter website, and in exchange they receive cool rewards from the project creators. It doesn't take long for many small donations to add up and successfully fund the project.

Coloring Book & New Backer Rewards

In addition to our original rewards (stickers, greeting cards, art prints, Jade Oracle Decks and readings) we have added several new reward options, including... The Jade Oracle COLORING BOOK! Additionally, you can now receive a custom illustration by Ramona Teo, price breaks on multiple Jade Oracle decks, and for all of you adventurers... a guided tour through the sacred sites of Mexico!

Pledge now and spread the word!

Your pledge is your vote for our success in completing this project. Visit Kickstarter and join our backer community. Then spread the word to your friends! Do you have an email list? A blog? A website? A YouTube channel? A social media platform you use to share with your community? Give us a shout-out! 

Thanks so much for following along as this creative adventure unfolds.

We are over 50% funded and the campaign ends October 19th, 2017. It must be fully funded by the end of this period in order for us to receive the pledges!


Guerrilla Graphix Monthly Donations

Guerrilla Graphix Monthly Donations

Guerrilla Graphix is a privately owned, employee-profit-sharing business based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We design and sell products that address, reflect and reference a wide range of topics including politics, history, art and culture. Among our products are designs that use the Zia sun symbol and other Native American imagery.

The Zia sun symbol and name are synonymous with New Mexico. The symbol appears on the state flag, on NM license plates and many businesses and clubs use the word "Zia" in their names. It is also a sacred symbol for the people of Zia Pueblo.

A customer recently brought to our attention a 2015 report prepared by the NM Department of Cultural Affairs regarding who has a right to use the Zia sun symbol (click here). The report states that anyone can use the symbol and there is no legal requirement to give notice or make payment to Zia Pueblo. The report points out, however, that the absence of a legal requirement does not preclude the showing of respect. After contemplation of this report, Guerrilla Graphix owner Travis Parkin has decided to start making voluntary donations to the Zia Pueblo Scholarship Fund with profits arising from sales of products with the Zia sun symbol.  

So far this year Guerrilla Graphix has also paid more than $1000 in charitable donations to the Oo-oo-nah children’s art program at Taos Pueblo (based on a percentage of the sale of our Disobey T-shirts) and to the Standing Rock Legal Defense Fund (based on the sale of Standing Rock shirts designed by staff artist April Yazza). 


Albuquerque loves Frida Kahlo

Albuquerque loves Frida Kahlo

Everlasting love, respect and appreciation for Frida Kahlo is thriving in Albuquerque as evidenced by interest in UNM Art Museum's Frida Kahlo- Her Photos: Exhibition Opening & Welcome Back Party (8/25/2017).  We shared the event page on Facebook and it spread quickly reaching more than a thousand people in a day or two. 

The Art Museum's Exhibition comes on the heels of last month's 7th Annual Frida Fiesta. The fiesta is produced and sponsored by Sally Moon, owner of W!ld Moon Boutique. “I’d be in trouble if I didn’t do it,” says Moon. "It’s grown into quite the local attraction over the past several years." Moon presents the growing annual event with several co-sponsors (including Guerrilla Graphix). Frida Fiesta takes place in the Old Town Patio Market, home to both W!ld Moon Boutique and Guerrilla Graphix.

This year's Frida Fiesta featured a Frida look-alike contest with prizes, food catered by Hacienda del Rio, a live marimba performance and Frida birthday cake. "Frida was born and died in July so the fiesta is held annually in July" Moon explains. The idea for the fiesta came about when a gallery curator visiting the W!ld Moon Boutique bought several huipiles – traditional clothing commonly worn by Frida and many other women in Mexico and Central America – for a Frida-themed party. Moon loved the idea, especially with Kahlo being an icon in her shop since it first opened.  So she decided to honor Frida with her own fiesta in the  historic Old Town Patio Market. Moon brings a personal touch to the celebration that makes it feel like a gathering of long time friends. 

Channel your inner Frida! Guerrilla Graphix has a variety of Frida Kahlo gifts and accessories! From t-shirts to stickers, mugs, and coin purses, we have something for every Frida aficionado. Feel 'Frida' come in anytime and pick out your favorites!

*This shtick was not written by Floyd or the more likely suspect, Travis (GG's owner). That's Emma Eckert

Mariachi Spectacular 2017

Mariachi Spectacular 2017

Guerrilla Graphix worked closely with Mariachi Media for the 27th Annual Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque (MSA)! MSA is the country's top mariachi education conference and festival, and promotes culture, arts & arts education. Guerrilla Graphix designer Justin Moulton created this original work and our production team printed it on black Bella/Canvas shirts.

"The shirt was a hit! So much so that we sold out in key sizes on the 2nd day! We reached out to Guerrilla Graphix around noon that day (a Thursday) to inquire about the possibility of printing more shirts on a rush basis. Amazingly, they made it happen! We had additional shirts the very next evening for the Showcase Concert & Competition and for Saturday evening's Spectacular Concert at the Sandia Casino Amphitheater. And yes, those shirts sold out too."
Floyd E. Vasquez Jr., VisionBroadcast Media LLC (aka Mariachi Media). 

Mariachi Media also engaged local artist Andrew Fearnside to create another original work for Mariachi Spectacular.  Andrew immersed himself in mariachi history, art and culture to develop an appreciation of the art form and its historical imagery. After many studies, sketches and ideas, Andrew conceptualized and created this work using a mix of hand-drawn pen and marker imagery with color added digitally. 

To read more about the creative journey of this piece click here.

Guerrilla Graphix screen printed the t-shirts on silver Canvas/Bella stock. With the client's approval we also added a weathered look to the background and printed a batch of 18 x 24 inch posters. If you'd like one of these posters hanging on your wall or are looking for a gift for the mariachi in your life, click here.  

If you are looking to get some of your own work reproduced on a poster, t-shirt, sticker, apron, mug, etc., click for more information on graphic design, screen printing and business printing services and/or give us a call at 505-503-8805. We also print on paper, plastic, translucent or opaque vinyl.

"Printing posters and other merchandise is a good way to promote local artists and events", says Guerrilla Graphix graphic design manager Justin Moulton. "One of the goals of Guerrilla Graphix is to build upon a local network of small businesses. We all benefit  from affordable design and print products and cross-promotion on social media. It’s a win-win-win situation". 

Wanted: Graphic Designer ABQ

Wanted: Graphic Designer ABQ

Guerrilla Graphix is seeking a Graphic Designer with topnotch customer service skills. The position is at our Albuquerque studio in East Nob Hill and we’d prefer someone who is ready to start immediately or very soon. We are seeking an outgoing, even-tempered, think-on-your-feet, energetic, happy individual with good math, grammar, spelling and computer skills as well as an ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.  We need someone who can work four or five days per week, eight hours per day. No weekends.  It’s a big plus if you have experience/knowledge of screen printing file preparation. You'll be working in a fun, progressive, drama-free and extremely busy work environment with many perqs. Applicants must have topnotch PhotoShop and Illustrator skills.  Knowledge of QuickBooks is helpful, but not mandatory.  We need someone with a working cell phone, personal laptop with editing software, and reliable transportation.

Guerrilla Graphix is an equal-opportunity employer with a generous employee profit sharing program.  Starting pay during training is $12 per hour and moves to $13, plus profit share after completion of training (two or three weeks).  Our designers receive a monthly profit share which is calculated by computing 5% of their monthly billings for graphic design, print and screen print jobs.  Depending on the time of year and volume of business, our designers average between $300 and $700 per month in profit sharing compensation.  Our Albuquerque designers also receive free lunch from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s every day, as well as free snacks and beverages.

Our graphic designers typically spend about 40-50% of their time on design projects, including logos, screen printing graphics, advertising pieces, business cards and brochures.  Other duties include project intake, credit card processing, invoice preparation, pre-press file construction for full-color printing and custom screen printing, daily cash reconciliation, design project management and customer communications via phone, e-mail and text.

Send us via email ( a resume, along with a link to your portfolio (or a PDF attachment) and tell us a little about yourself. 

Please note that we are also seeking a Graphic Designer for our Taos location.