One of Guerrilla Graphix's co-founders and graphic designers Ramona Teo has an amazing project in the works called the "Jade Oracle Deck" !! While her and her talents are sadly missed se at GG we love to see our friends and coworkers move on to other projects, if you're not familiar please check out some of her amazing design and illustration work in the Jade Oracle Deck.

"The Jade Oracle Deck"

"What is an oracle deck?" you may be wondering. Like tarot cards, an oracle deck is essentially a spiritual tool used for divination and introspection. The difference is it is not structured by traditional tarot suits and hierarchies. Instead, these cards are an assortment of archetypal symbols and deities from Ancient Mexico. There are 52 beautifully illustrated cards accompanied by a booklet that guides you through understanding the mythology and interpretations of the cards.


"The Jade Oracle" is a three-woman collaboration -- Anne Key, Veronica Iglesias and Ramona Teo. Anne is a priestess, a scholar, an author, and a dancer. Veronica is a healer from Mexico City, a Keeper of the Ancient Knowledge, a historian, and a spiritual guide. Ramona is a visionary artist, graphic designer, co-counder of Guerrilla Graphix, and the illustrator of the deck.

Veronica Iglesias - Anne Key -  Ramona Teo

The Jade Oracle Deck - Kickstarter Fund

We have decided that the best way to bring these cards into being is to "crowdfund" the money we need for production. We are running a Kickstarter Campaign for The Jade Oracle!

Kickstarter, like other crowdfunding platforms, is a way for artists, inventors & entrepreneurs to raise money needed to manifest their projects. Thousands of amazing creative ideas have been made real through crowdfunding. How it works is simple.  Supporters donate money toward the campaign on the Kickstarter website, and in exchange they receive cool rewards from the project creators. It doesn't take long for many small donations to add up and successfully fund the project.

Coloring Book & New Backer Rewards

In addition to our original rewards (stickers, greeting cards, art prints, Jade Oracle Decks and readings) we have added several new reward options, including... The Jade Oracle COLORING BOOK! Additionally, you can now receive a custom illustration by Ramona Teo, price breaks on multiple Jade Oracle decks, and for all of you adventurers... a guided tour through the sacred sites of Mexico!

Pledge now and spread the word!

Your pledge is your vote for our success in completing this project. Visit Kickstarter and join our backer community. Then spread the word to your friends! Do you have an email list? A blog? A website? A YouTube channel? A social media platform you use to share with your community? Give us a shout-out! 

Thanks so much for following along as this creative adventure unfolds.

We are over 50% funded and the campaign ends October 19th, 2017. It must be fully funded by the end of this period in order for us to receive the pledges!